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Brand Boxes™

Your 9-Step Process to Create
a Visually Compelling Brand

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Eliminates the mystery of Typography, logo design, line spacing, and color choices.

Brand Boxes breaks down the Graphic Design process into nine easy-to-implement steps.

Enables you to make excellent decisions for your designs,
even if the platforms where you apply them change frequently.

Visual Branding Ensures You’re Instantly Recognized

A stunning logo, an eye-catching color palette, appealing fonts, images, and graphics in a specific style that, when used consistently, becomes a recognizable Visual Brand for your present and potential customers.

Brand Boxes: Your 9-step process to creating a visually compelling brand guides you through a visual branding process in a practical way.

The goal of this book is NOT to make everyone a designer.

Rather, it’s intended to teach some of the fundamental basics of Graphic Design and Visual Branding to those who want to leverage these tools to build and enhance their brands.

Hanne Brøter is a Norwegian graphic designer, strategic brand manager, and interaction designer. After working many years as an in-house graphic designer for a Norwegian media company, she started her own business, Your Brand Vision, in 2013. Her sweet spot is visual branding, the intersection between graphic design and branding.
She considers herself a graphic coach as much as a graphic designer.  
Hanne lives in Norway with her co-creator, a cocker spaniel girl who is appropriately called “Brandy.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, the project manager for your company’s branding efforts, or a graphic design student, Brand Boxes is an indispensable resource, full of practical guidelines to make your brand pop—and set you apart from others in your field.
The world of visual touch points changes rapidly. This book teaches you traditional and well-proven principles and guidelines within Graphic Design and Typography. This book will enable you to make excellent decisions for your brand.